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Infographic: Mixer Design Features that Promote Safety

February 15, 2024

Leaning into your mixers is just one way to keep them clean. As you can see in this infographic, Marion makes it easy for you to keep your mixers clean. Don’t compromise on these features when you are choosing an industrial mixer. Customization's such as safety grates and counterweighted doors guard the safety of your personnel. High-grit finishes, welded paddles and carefully sloped troughs ensure the cleanliness of the mixer every time.  


The most important certification to look for is the 3-A Authorization. Some manufacturers will say they are compliant or use other phrases… but don’t be fooled. Either the mixer has 3-A Authorization or it doesn’t. Don’t compromise—even the smallest mistake in sanitation can result in costly recalls, higher cleaning costs or material waste.  

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