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Mixers for the Chemical Processing Industry

February 15, 2024

Manufacturers are presented with numerous choices when it comes to process mixers for the chemical industry. Some mixers last 20, 30, 40 years or more. Deciding on an investment that is flexible and durable enough to take your company into the future means making the right choices now.

This blog will explore the most common chemical mixers - V-Cone Blenders, Double Cone Blenders and Batch Mixers. We are always available to discuss your chemical mixing and chemical processing needs.

Mixing system choices will depend on particular chemical environments and applications. But for starting the search, we know customers are looking for processing consistencies and efficiencies. Features such as footprint, capacity, safety features, energy consumption, maintenance/cleaning or loading options depend on the compounds being mixed. Additionally, the chemicals have characteristics that will dictate how we answer the questions of mixing.


Momentum Series V-Cone Blender

V-Cone Tumble Blender

The V-Cone blender is exactly what it sounds like – a tumble mixer in the shape of a V. The shape is what provides the performance customers need in chemical mixing. This design achieves high performance while providing maximum cleanability. The design also means no internal moving parts that create pockets or product build-up. The V-Cone blender can withstand the most abrasive products and the gentle blending is excellent for delicate materials. The V-Cone works best with a mix of 10 ingredients or less.

Why the V-Cone is great for chemical mixing:

  • Design with maximum cleanout
  • Quality of mix and consistency
  • Ability to mix both abrasive and delicate materials
  • Great for powder mixing



The Double- Cone Tumble Blender

The Double-Cone blender uses a tumbling motion within a small footprint. Another unique feature of this tumble mixer is an easy cleanout, a quality desired by manufacturers that need to switch readily between batches. Beyond the small footprint, this mix action also provides the ability for easy mixing of large and small-sized ingredients. The gentler tumbling action in a double-cone blender is also good for mixing trace components like flavorings or colorings.

Why the V-Cone is great for chemical mixing:

  • Design with maximum cleanout
  • Quality of mix and consistency
  • Ability to handle both abrasive and delicate materials
  • Low impact
  • Small footprint

Both cone mixers are smart choices when it comes to “high value” mixes, requiring a premium product. When using cone mixers, “what goes in, must come out,” meaning there are no pockets. Besides quality control, this is also essential for repeatability and mix validations.

Batch Mixer

Batch Mixer

Batch mixers are often chosen among chemical manufacturers for a couple of reasons. The “batch” requires precisely controlled ratios of ingredients that go into each mix. The design allows you to be flexible with customizing your batch needs. Our batch mixers are available from 1.5-cf to 600-cf and are customized with features specific to the batch. For example, we can alter the trough geometry, agitator design, mainshaft seals, cover design and discharge for your unique design. In addition, we offer dimpled jackets to the trough for heating/cooling. We can also design for vacuum/pressure, often needed in chemical mixing. High-speed choppers and spray bar manifolds complete the features of choosing the right mixer accessories.

The batch mixer is often used for larger mixes. Typically, companies select batch mixers for 2-5 ingredients of any proportion. However, Marion batch mixers have gone up to 27 ingredients with excellent results. Anything is possible when starting with the right mixer, customized to your tailored needs.

Why batch mixers are great for chemical mixing:

  • Fast mixing ability
  • Various sizes available
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Many optional features to provide added benefits to the design

Getting the Right Chemical Mixer

We mentioned before that the mixer your company uses will last for years. “Lifetime” may not be the exact word, but you can expect long-lasting performance. Application requirements will vary from company to company. Lifetime to one application is not the same as another, mainly due to requirements. For example, chemical applications are harsh. However, choosing the right construction materials will extend the life. Please allow us to talk through your challenges. Your reputation is built on your products. No matter what kind of mixer you purchase, you must ensure it repeats the correct outcome.

Your Marion Team will work with you to provide the right solution. We will discuss your batch size ingredient composition, loading options, finish needs, cleaning practices, etc. For example, do you need a certain alloy of stainless steel because ingredients are caustic or abrasive? Is a Teflon™ or silicone gasket and seal a better option? Are any of the ingredients lumpy? Your Marion Team has experience with many different chemical applications. Some manufacturers need an additional batch mixer to pre-mix ingredients prior to going into the primary batch mixer. Industrial mixers are in the middle of the processing stream, and customers need a solution rather than one piece of equipment. Creating a complete solution is where Marion excels with processing that requires screening, sifting, lump-breaking and drying. Together with our sister company, Kason, we have a comprehensive solution to your processing needs.

Our valued customer relationships continue to grow with our sales support, testing center, engineering team and after-market support. This is not possible without our experienced fabrication team. When you're ready to talk to one of our application specialists, please complete our contact form or call 800-397-6371. At Marion, we enjoy talking through a challenge and turning it into a solution.

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