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Why Choose Marion for Pet Food Mixing and Processing?

February 16, 2024


In the competitive pet food manufacturing world, processing equipment's quality and efficiency play an essential and central role. Manufacturers strive for consistency, safety, and excellence in the final product, ensuring that each product that reaches the buyer is of the highest quality. 

Marion is a company that stands out among the competitors, and it's an ideal choice for pet food processing. Let’s delve deeper into how and why. 

Marion distinguishes itself through its adaptability and commitment to excellence. The company ensures pet food manufacturers receive top-of-the-line machinery tailored to their needs. 

But beyond machinery, we provide personalization, combined with our pursuit of innovative solutions, so the manufacturers gain a partner dedicated to optimizing their production processes. 

The key benefits include:

  • Customized solutions - expert application engineers from Marion collaborate with clients to ensure machinery is fine-tuned to specific production requirements.
  • Quality horizontal mixers that balance speed and blend consistency, enabling quick production while maintaining blend uniformity. Custom designs ensure they integrate seamlessly into any facility.
  • Specialized blenders, both the V-Cone and the Double-Cone, provide fast and uniform mixing. Their simplicity means minimal upkeep, and they're designed to produce impeccable blends across diverse materials.
  • WaveMix drying system - a game-changing microwave, vacuum, and mixing technology integration. This innovative system drastically cuts processing times and ensures that colors, nutritional content, and the chemical structure of sensitive materials remain intact.
  • Efficient lump breaker, vital for size reduction in pet food manufacturing, stands out for its high capacity, compact form, and energy efficiency. Combining a rotating beater assembly with a perforated screen ensures clump-free outputs.
    It offers precision in particle size, reduced dust, and adaptability with customizable mesh options, making it invaluable for size reduction before or after mixing, drying, and material reclamation.

Dedication to Hygienic Standards

Marion stands out in the market with its exclusive bragging rights of having produced the only 3-A Authorized horizontal mixer, showcasing its unwavering commitment to quality and safety. 

Understanding the growing need for sanitary design in sectors such as food, where consumer (and pet) health is paramount, Marion delivers thoughtfully designed, easy to clean equipment.

Marion’s adherence to the 3-A Authorization standards, acknowledged by both the FDA and USDA, is a testament to our dedication. 

By upholding these I benchmarks and the apex of hygiene and safety standards, Marion ensures the health of consumers and protects businesses from the potential risks and reputational pitfalls of utilizing non-compliant machinery.

Reliable Support and Lasting Partnerships

Marion's Aftermarket Parts and Service division guarantees the long-term optimization of clients' investments. Beyond just supplying replacement parts, Marion offers various services, including preventative maintenance, equipment fine-tuning, on-site installation guidance, operator training, commissioning, refurbishments, and modern upgrades.

Such an all-encompassing approach emphasizes Marion’s dedication to its clients' success. 

Choosing Marion means pet food manufacturers align with a company that comprehends their specific needs and consistently goes the extra mile to surpass them.

The longevity of our machines and increased uptime, and less money spent on maintenance and repairs makes Marion the ideal choice for pet food processing. 

Got Questions? 

Unparalleled Performance Assurance

While certain costs can be quantified - like replacement parts, service calls, or downtime, assessing the value of peace of mind is more elusive. 

The Marion Performance Group team might not control external variables like weather or daily challenges, but it can prioritize the success of its client's business. 

Marion Performance Group services and parts offerings:

  • On-site installation support and supervision
  • Customized factory acceptance testing
  • On-site commissioning
  • Recommended spare parts and scheduling
  • Audit review
  • Comprehensive control capabilities
  • Tailored maintenance intervals
  • Extended warranties
  • On-site service
  • Tech updates
  • Annual review
  • Turnkey installation services
  • Complete machine refurbishments (on-site or in-house)
  • Service and refurbishment for non-Marion equipment

Marion Process Solutions - A Commitment to Quality

In an era where efficient operations are crucial, Marion is a company you can trust and rely on. We don't just offer machinery but rather assure peak performance, ensuring that every aspect of processing runs smoothly. 

Our comprehensive service and parts offerings are a testament to our dedication to addressing the ever-evolving needs of our clients and their clients’ clients.

With Marion by your side, you're not just investing in equipment - you're securing a future of unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind. 

Choose Marion, where commitment meets unparalleled expertise.


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